About Me

What does a former theatre geek, a writer, a high school teacher, and a yogi have in common?

They all share a love for learning!

Through my passions, I've enjoyed the uncertainty, the discovery, and the thrill of the beginner. As a new theatre student, I was determined to learn as much as possible about all aspects of theatre. I studied scripts and plays, designed costumes and served as a costume mistress for a theatre in upstate New York. I struggled and celebrated the completion of my MFA thesis, and served middle and high school students for twenty years. I show up as a beginner everyday for my yoga practice, and I'm currently working towards my 200 hour certification.

My interests all require a willingness to become a life-long learner, always looking for opportunities to grow and develop new skills. Everyday may bring its challenges, but each day is greeted with the wide-open fascination of a student.

Educational Philosophy

Learning experiences should be accessible to all learners, and with the right materials, all learners have the ability to succeed. I create materials such as workbooks, eLearning courses, and aides that assist learners of all ages to successfully master objectives. I've designed curriculum, managed large groups, developed subject matter expertise, and used learner-centered strategies to problem solve and educate. I've worked with numerous elearning models, but I often return to Bloom's Taxonomy and the Backward Design Model to design results driven, educational experiences.

With over twenty years in the classroom and a penchant for the creative, I've become adept at creating interactive educational experiences that are relevant and goal-driven. As a student in IDOL Academy, I've added to my educator's toolbox with tools such as Articulate Storyline and Vyond, but adding to my educator's toolbox will be a lifelong endeavor.

Creating educational materials is the best play I know--problem solving, brainstorming, graphic arts, and animation all in one!