Job Aids

Tips for Work at Home Parents Infographic

Tools Used: Visme

Development Time: 2 hours

Client: Growth Technologies

Learners/Audience: Parents who are normally high performers at Growth Technologies but are experiencing low productivity due to lack of time management skills and working from home for the first time.

Challenges: Parents working from home have trouble managing their time. Parents found distractions and lack of a consistent work environment prohibited productivity.

Solutions: This infographic lists ten tips addressing family interruptions, establishing a work environment, and limiting distractions from the community. This aid is to reinforce information learned in the eLearning course and can be posted in the employees' home office.

Results: This infographic is a reminder to parents how to create a productive work environment at home. Following the tips can create better family-work balance and a happier, healthier work life. A happier employee is a more productive employee. A company survey reveals 78% of work-at-home-employees experience greater productivity after implementing the ten tips learned in the eLearning course and reinforced by the infographic.

II How to Follow Up with Someone Who's Not Getting Back to You (1) (1).pdf

How to Follow Up With Someone Who's Not Getting Back to You Job Aid

Tools Used: Canva

Development Time: 1 hour

Learners/Audience: Undergraduate students, MBA students, and learners enrolled in an executive education program. This course can help learners prepare for future managerial decision-making.

Challenges: Converting the six tips referenced in an article, Rebecca Zucker's "How to Follow Up With Someone Who's Not Getting Back to You", into a job aid.

Solutions: This job aid was designed to accompany the online course. The course's purpose is to help learners create follow up correspondence that yields positive results. This aid is a helpful reminder of the six tips covered in the course that can be quickly referenced.

Results: An accessible job aid that can be downloaded by course users.