National Youth-At-Risk Conference Presentation and Participant Guide

Tools Used: PowerPoint

Development Time: 6 hours

Client: Rutherford County Schools

Learners/Audience: Rutherford County high school English teachers with 3-18 years of experience. The presentation must engage the novice teacher as well as the veteran teacher.

Executive Summary: Five teachers were selected to attend the conference to learn interventions for at-risk students and brainstorm ways to present information to faculty in the hopes of incorporating interventions into school culture.

Challenges: Teachers are not able to gather in large groups because of COVID guidelines. Professional development is shared online, and the five teachers selected to attend the conference were asked to brainstorm ways to share the information from the conference with the rest of the faculty.

Solutions: This presentation and participant guide is created for the English department. Focusing on one department increases the opportunities for participation and intimacy. The presentation is designed to be shared using Zoom, a tool teachers in the department use to communicate during meetings. During the presentation, breakout rooms can be created in Zoom, and teachers can discuss talking points in smaller groups. The guide encourages participants to become engaged in the discussions and activities and become stakeholders in shaping the school culture.